Ahmedov Zakir

Ahmedov Zakir



Akhmedov Zakir Akhmed. In 1955 was born in Baku (Azerbaijan). In 1978 finished Azerbaijan State Drawing School, faculty of sculptor. In 1988 graduated from Azerbaijan State Art Institute named by M.Aliyev. From 1978 till now took place in many exhibitions around the world. Member of Commonwealth of Artists of Azerbaijan and SSSR from 1989 till now. Author of the many monuments. In 2005 awarded by “Humay” award. Zakir Akhmedov artworks contain in private collections of many countries: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Czech, South Africa, France, Germany, England, United States of America etc.


1985 Days of Azerbaijan in Finland 1986 Former people of Soviet Union in Moscow 1987 Youth of Azerbaijan in Baku 1988 The Soviet Youth in Moscow 1989 Modern monuments in Poland 1991 Monument Acemi in library which name by M.T.АHUNDOV 1995 Personal exhibition in Baku 1998 Personal exhibition in Baku 1999 Collective exhibition in Baku 2000 Collective exhibition in Baku 2003 Personal exhibition in Turkey (Ankara) 2004 Collective exhibition in Turkey (Istanbul) 2005 Collective exhibition in Turkey (Antalya) 2006 - 2013 Collective exhibition in Baku Author of artworks: 2009 Azadliq underground (Relief on the wall and floor) 2010 Torqovaya Street (Relief “Ancient Baku”) 2011 Park of officers (Sculptor “Tea man”) 2011 H.Haciyev Street (Relief “Ancient Baku”) 2012 Icheri Sheher (Sculptor “Flowerpot man”) 2013 Ganja MUSEUM Mehseti (SMALL PLASTIC SCULPTURES) 2014 Ganja Nizami Museum (SMALL PLASTIC SCULPTURES) 2016 BAKU METRO STATION NEFTCHILER (wall reliefs "AZERBAIJAN OIL)