Shadko Evgeniy

Shadko Evgeniy



Родился в 1987 году в Борисове. Постоянный участник международных выставок и проектов. Закончил учебу в минском художественном училище им. Глебова и в Университете имени Коперника в Торуни, Польша. После жил и работал в Будапеште. Лауреат приза имени Станислава Борисовского в Торуне. Сегодня Шадко живет и работает в Минске. Eugene Shadko Was born in 1987 in Barysau, Belarus. In 2003 he entered Glebov Art School in Minsk. After graduation he left for Poland, where he studied at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus. Eugene Shadko, a Belarusian artist who works and lives in Minsk, has long approached his creative path with a unique thirst for experimentation and fundamental knowledge of the human essence. Each of his compositions begins with reflective images found on various platforms, social networks, his pictures, accidentally noticed images on the Internet that he passes through himself, explores, transforms into his narrative. Each painting is a work made of a multitude of individual thoughts and images. Faces and body parts are most often the priority in the paintings. A series of portraits presents characters, personalities, frozen in time, as if a stopped moment. Anatomical body parts are often displaced, altered, fragmented; the man in the picture exists among different situations and times at the same time. Thus, the heroes find themselves snatched from their personal stories. The documentary accuracy of photography is cancelled, and the characters are immersed in the struggle of the picture elements with each other. Collision, penetration, displacement and layering of color masses, textures and layers, bring to the fore the tactile nature of painting and leave only pose, gaze and perspective - something very unsteady, almost random, but the most essential and intimate. The objects that appear in his paintings glow with bright colors, and sometimes peep imperceptibly from the background, giving the viewer the opportunity to reveal the idea of the picture and the uniqueness of the event more widely.


personal exhibitions: 2023 - Living behind my own illusion. Fine Art gallery. Moscow 2022 – Watching the monster die. Fine Art gallery. Moscow 2022 – Asylum. DK gallery, Minsk, Belarus 2021 – Black mirror. De Twee Pauwen, The Hague, The Netherlands 2020 – Daybreak. AV gallery, Minsk, Belarus 2019 – Persone e identita, galleria Spazi Arte, Piacenza, Italy 2015 – e s c a p e. Y gallery of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus 2013 – in the dazzling white corridors. Y gallery of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus 2011 – painting. Gallery of mount blanc, Torun, Poland group exhibitions: 2023 - Volta Basel. Galerie Gans, Basel, Switzerland 2023 - Art Minsk. The Palace of Arts. Minsk, Belarus 2023 - Conversation. Godo gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania 2023 - Абсурд и гармония. Fine Art gallery. 2023 - HIDDEN STORIES. Galerie Gans. Vienna, Austria 2022 – Art Vilnius. DK gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania 2022 – Art Vienna. Galerie Gans. Vienna, Austria 2022 – Cosmoscow. Fine Art gallery. Moscow 2022 – Ultracold. Vershy. Minsk, Belarus 2022 – Parallel Vienna. Galerie Gans, Vienna, Austria 2022 – Hosted in Paradise, Art-box galerie, St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria 2022 – Depth of field. DK gallery, Minsk, Belarus 2022 – Portrait. Art Belarus gallery, The Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus 2021 – ADVENT BEGINNING, new Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2021 – Recollect & collect. Third place, St. Petersburg, Russia 2021 – Art Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania 2021 – Ošemetná záležitosť, Levoča, Slovakia 2020 – Non Place, The Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus 2019 – Secret Art Show, 31 Ravenscroft rd, London, England 2019 – Art Padova Fair, Apartment art gallery London stand 101, Padova, Italy 2019 – Salon d’Automne, The Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus 2019 – In-between flesh and bones, Petrompei Mavromihali 3A, Larnaka, Cyprus 2019, 2018 – Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary 2016 – anatomy, CCA, Minsk, Belarus 2016 – Granice. duszniki-zdroj. Poland 2015 – Measurements of Emptiness. Y gallery of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus 2014 – memory of their shadows. The Palace of Arts, Minsk, Belarus 2014 – alphabet. The Vashenko Gallery, Gomiel, Belarus 2013 – Becoming An Artist. Y gallery of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus 2013 – structurization. Y gallery of contemporary art, Minsk, Belarus 2013 – waste paper. The museum of contemporary fine arts, Minsk, Belarus 2012 - The Sound of Silence: Art in a Time of Dictatorship. New York, USA 2011 - Bialoruski t\error. Wydzial culture squat, Torun, Poland 2010 - Oil painting. Y Gallery of Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus


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