Haverts Maxim

Haverts Maxim



Maxim Haverts (real name - Maxim Sivakov) is a Belarusian artist born in Zhodino, in the Minsk region in 1998. I am a contemporary artist based in Minsk, Belarus. I began my career at the age of 14, mainly doing graffiti and street art. Throughout my career, I combine graffiti with contemporary art, calligraphy, collages, abstraction and other techniques, resulting in unique works of art. My artworks capture emotions and feelings, masked in the image of words, abstraction and figurative elements. I believe that true art must be sincere, first of all, with the author himself. My artworks have been exhibited and are in private collections in Moscow, New York, Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius, Minsk and other cities of the world.


2019 National Center of Contemporary Art (Minsk, Belarus) 2020 Christmas Exhibition / DK gallery (Minsk, Belarus) 2021 Art-Minsk / Palace of Art, Belarusian National Library (Minsk, Belarus) 2022 Colorful Days / Kuvik Gallery (Berlin, Germany) 2022 Art-Minsk / Palace of Art (Minsk, Belarus) 2022 Autumn Salon / Palace of Art (Minsk, Belarus)


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