Krasnova Veronika

Krasnova Veronika



Более 15 лет пишу картины в технике finger painting (живопись пальцами).  В 2016 году в поисках золотой середины родился мой проект Roni Goldfinger (Рони - середина имени Вероника, Голд - золото, Фингер - палец) . За период с 2016 – 2019 мной было проведено несколько персональных выставок в Минске. Выставка #ПЕРСТАМИ (2016) в Арт-холле РТБД  , «Женщина-море» (2017) в Доме картин, «Мир на ладони» (2019) . Мои работы невозможно повторить, так как они написаны пальцами. А еще в них яркие краски жизни и любовь, которая является смыслом любой жизни. Часть этого неповторимого инсита пока находится в  Минске, а часть работ в частных коллекциях в Канаде, Сингапуре, Украине, Японии, Китае, Ирландии, Австралии, Великобритании, Италии, Израиле, Франции, Бельгии, Норвегии, Индии, Чили, ЮАР и США.   The artist Roni Goldfinger (real name Veronika Krasnova) has been working for 15 years using the original and unique “Finger Painting” technique, that determines the name of her paintings and art gallery. The subject of Roni’s  interest is not only the technique of “finger painting”, but, as well,  is the way of it’s artistic expression. She steps over the usual use of the paint brush using the oil paintings and turns it into an absolutely direct tactile way of communication with the canvas. That provides the highest relationship between the author and her works. When we talk about the art types and art works, where the object is not just an art-made, but a hand-made, we note that there is a special energy connection between the intellect, emotions, elusive fluids and psychological strings. As a rule, painting has an intermediary between the author and the canvas like a paint brush, paints, etc.  Roni writes with her own hand using her own five-fingered brush: from the broadest (palm) to the thinnest (pinkie). That explains the names of her art collection and art gallery - "Fingers". Of course, that’s not only the thing that takes attention to her canvases.Plots of fabulous paintings are presented in the collection "Fingers". They are full of bright fantasy and live joy, taken from her personal impressions and dreams. It would seem that Roni  describes  the famous countries, cities, motifs - basic textbook signs in her paintings: Red Lights - in Amsterdam, Moulin Rouge – in Paris, The Guard of the Pyramids of the Sphinx – in Egypt and etc.  During the process of painting she uses her own outlook, gives her own perspective, changes the age of the actors if it’s required and remodels the world into the irony-free universe and a carnival bacchanalia. There is a place for everything inside her art: for always mutual love, for conversation always with the interlocutor, for partnered dancing, for meetings without parting. If you look for stylistic analogues of what Roni Goldfingerdoes, you will find out that it’s an obvious instinct that is not just played by a professional, but sincerely created by a person without the standards of  professionalframeworks and canons.  The language of her painting tends toward stylization, decorativeness, abstract understatement, generalization. In every Roni’s painting it’s easy for the viewer to be settled in to view the desired images and desired people inside the images. This approach expands the audience and the palette of emotions from visiting of Roni’sexhibitions and galleries.


«Все сразу», 2009, #Перстами, 2016, «Женщина-море», 2017, «Мир на ладони», 2019.