Kvartalnyy Vladislav

Kvartalnyy Vladislav



Vladislav Kvartalnyj Born in 1979, Minsk (Belarus) Painter and graphic artist. Lives and works in Minsk (Belarus) Education: 1991-1993 - Children's Art School N1. Minsk (Belarus) 1993-1998 - National Art College named after I. O. Achremcyk, Department of Painting (Minsk, Belarus) 1999-2005 - Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of Drawing (Minsk, Belarus) Professional experience: 1998-1999 -- Teacher of art in the Gymnasium № 7 in Minsk, Belarus 2005-2008 -- in a creative academic stadio of the academician of Academy of arts, the academician of academy of sciences Belarus Mishail Savicky , with the help of the ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus More than 150 one-man shows, ex-libris contests and small form graphic arts, group exhibitions, plein-airs, festivals and auctions in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, China, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovakia since 1996. Since 2008 he has been a freelance artist, engaged in painting with watercolors, acrylics and oil paints, as well as graphic art, etching and creation of ex-libris. The author's works can be found in private collections in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, China, Germany, USA, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Rep., the Netherlands, Portugal, Armenia, Japan...


Участвовал более чем в 200 групповых, персональных выставках, художественных конгрессах, конкурсах, пленерах, фестивалях и творческих акциях в Республике Беларусь, Российской Федерации, Польше, Литве, Германии, Италии, Бельгии, Греции, Испании, Болгарии, Словакии, Чешской республике, Хорватии, Румынии, Швейцарии, Дании и Китае... Получил более 40 наград на международных конкурсах графики малых форм и экслибриса.


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