arina apostolova

arina apostolova



My name is Arina Apostolova, and I’m a self-taught artist from Ukraine based in Shanghai, China. My interest in art started from the beginning at the architect academy in 2007. As a professional artist I started relatively recently, basically from the big art project named “Sacred Geometry” which was successfully displayed at the local exhibition by UNION- architect studio in Shanghai in April 2021. I typically work and keep exploring the acrylic colors on the canvases of various sizes. Within my own body of work, I classify these types of paintings as "Composite Realism", because they involve elements of intense realism combined with abstract patterns and surrealistic dream-like scenes and symbolic images. This is a great way to interweave arcane concepts in my own way such as philosophy, the depths of mind, theories of creation, and the assorted pursuits of science (to name just a few) with more accessible imagery.


2021 Sacred Geometry Shanghai, China 2021 Workplace Shanghai 2021 Shanghai, China