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Grand Cormorant


With frame
Signature on the front
size: 60x40 см
Materials: Cardboard oil on canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Realism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: анималистика, птицы, фиолетовый, картина в интерьер, черный фон, баклан
The Big Cormorant painting is an original work by Olga Milašević. Painted in oil on canvas on cardboard. The obverse features the author's signature. I noticed here that I love bad guys. They're pulled all the time. Both in life and in paintings. Then a casuar, another “harmful” ptah is the cormorant. And why harmful? And because that's what we people decided. Cormorants really like to eat and catch a lot of fish for that. So are the people. That's the kind of inter-species struggle. There are also pines dying from cormorants. But oaks grow on the spot of pines. What do people do in response, then? Ruining nests with chicks. Scouting cormorants with rockets. In the morning, the birds return, find cold eggs, sit them for a month, and the chicks never appear. And some “people”, when they find nests, with toddlers, brutally cut off their little beaks. Question: And who is harmful? And will the day come when this “who” finally stops perceiving the world around the world through the lens of his own self and hangs the labels “my someone else's”, “like—don't like”? The painting is framed in a wooden frame. It can be hung on a wall, put on a shelf, fireplace, chest of drawers.

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