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Flower of the sun

35 USD
With frame
Signature on the front
size: 30x21x0 cm
Materials: Cardboard, oil, brush, maschine, varnish, wood frame
Kind: Painting
Genre: Still-life
Tags: прямоугольный, оранжевый, цветы, натюрморт, календула, маленькая картина, импрессионизм, оригинальная картина
The work has a rectangular shape, measuring 30*21 cm. The obverse features the author's signature. The painting is wood-framed. It can be hung on a wall, put on a table or shelf. “Flower of the Sun,” “Bride of Summer”... Calendula. There is a legend that the Sun had many gold coins. One day, when she was crouching on the hill to rest, one of them rolled out of his pocket and fell to the ground. In the morning, a bright orange flower grew at this place, very similar to the sun. Did you know that marigold is a symbol of loyalty, permanence and long love? Let this flower store happiness in your home!

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