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Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 47x42x37 cm
Materials: Bronze (cast), granite
Kind: Sculpture
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: мозг, мозги, brain, мозги потекли, мозг расплавился, краш, crush
A person's path of personality is a constant crash test of his consciousness. In modern times of overabundance of information, its vast elemental flow, when the aggressive confrontation of polarically opposed opinions prevails, human consciousness is permanently in a state of alarm and stress. Getting stuck in dead ends, bumping into CORNERS, it tries to somehow SMOOTH them for itself, come to a compromise, to release itself. It's an incredibly difficult task. You either learn to be flexible, realize that you can change your viewpoint without losing yourself, or you break down about eternal unbending confidence in your own rightness.

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