A copy of Ivan Shishkin's painting “In the North Wild”

300 BYN

Without frame
size: 50x30x0 cm
Materials: Oil, cardboard on canvas
Kind: Painting
Genre: Landscape
Tags: живопись, пейзаж, природа, зима, шишкин, копия, масло, реализм, русская живопись, сосна, ель
As in Lermontov's poem, the theme of loneliness is powerfully heard in the painting. On an unassailable bare rock, in the midst of darkness, ice and snow, stands a lonely pine tree. The moon illuminates a gloomy gorge and an endless distance covered in snow. There seems to be nothing else alive in this realm of cold. But the tree lives on frosts, snows and winds.


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300 BYN

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