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The Lunch

80 BYN
With frame
size: 30x45x0 cm
Materials: Nikon D7000
Kind: Photography
The photo was taken on the Minsk Sea in winter in 2018. Winter was unusual. Frequent temperature changes, frost and thaw, great humidity created unusual Belarusian morning. There was a heavy frost, then there was frost in the air, which was very reminiscent of fog. Pri that shone the sun. There was a complete fairy tale feel The lack of wind amplified the effect. Unexpectedly, a beam of light made its way through the flowing clouds and fell directly onto one of the not far from the water of benches, kind of emphasizing the presence of man in this realm of nature. Large old pine trees covered with inaeus completed this picture. The moment was very short but managed to capture it and keep it.

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80 BYN

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