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Siamese cats

675 BYN
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Without frame
Signature on the back
size: 47x61 см
Materials: Dry pastel, paper
Kind: Graphics
Style: Realism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: коты, пара, сиамский кот, усы, siamese cat, домашний любимец, коричневые лапы, animal
One legend tells that the first Siamese cat was born during the World Flood. The journey dragged on, and the inhabitants of Noah's Ark were intensely yearning, not knowing what to occupy themselves. As a result, the male monkey fell in love with the lioness, and the fruit of this strange love was a cat “with monkey chefs and the courage of a lion”. The Siamese cat is really special. He is incredibly playful very friendly and certainly very beautiful. Despite their independence, these cats are very attached to the owner, he does not leave him for a minute. Their love for man is limitless. I wanted to portray a couple of Siamese cats as a symbol of love and tenderness. These cats have sweetly clamped on to each other, they have tender feelings. These beautiful emotions are immediately conveyed to the viewer, because how can you look at such a picture without a smile.

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675 BYN

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