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300 BYN
Digital printing possible 52 BYN
Rent possible 1 week / 26 BYN
Without frame
size: 27x37.5 см
Materials: Dry pastel, paper
Kind: Graphics
Style: Realism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: птица снегирь, красные перья, зеленая елка, милый птенец, милая птичка, рыжий оттенок, персиковый цвет
In winter, meet the bullpen is a great rarity. I only managed to meet this beautiful bird a few times. Probably because they live only in the forest and in the city they can be found very rarely. They come to the city in winter only because they extract food which is very little in the forest. The bird has a beautiful breast of bright red colour, and the back has a bluish-gray color. The appearance of the bullfinch is considered a good sign - usually these birds are called a symbol of love and favorable news. Therefore, snowbirds are depicted on New Year's cards and calendars much more often than any other birds or animals. I really wanted to draw this little beautiful bird. I pictured it on a spruce twig. The red breast is poured in color then orange-red, then blue. It seems like she saw somewhere in the distance delicious berries of rowan. Another moment and she will fly for a delicious treat.

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