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The light of a distant star

Without frame
Signature on the back
size: 50x50x2 cm
Materials: Subframe canvas, acrylic, textural paste, gold pot, pearl enamel, protective acrylic varnish, mixed technique
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: космос, бесконечность, звезда, звездный свет, созвездия, галактики
The stars are attracted to our gaze and mesmerize with the power that touches the innermost corners of our soul... Each star has its own story and mystery, and it may be therefore a state of enthusiastic sadness spans us as we look at the starry sky... The light of this distant star will be able to decorate your home and emphasize the personality of its owner. The painting is created in a single instance, does not need a frame, the ends are decorated as a continuation of the image, the game of mother-of-pearl enamel and golden indulge animate the picture with a light shimmer. Photographs of the work are taken in different lighting.

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