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Flying away...

With frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 40x50x2 cm
Materials: Unframed canvas, acrylic, sweat, protective acrylic varnish
Kind: Painting
Style: Impressionism
Genre: Landscape
Tags: одуванчик, полет, закат, планета
When the souls of people close and dear to us leave the earth - we are sad... Through this picture of the flight of dandelion fluffers, expressed my desire to accept their care as a natural, light and peaceful process... If you want to look more closely at work, you can see the details that are barely visible for a cursory glance: a dandelion planet, barely visible shimmer of gold and silver, and departing dandelion seeds — like a soul image... The picture doesn't need a frame. The work created in a single instance.

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