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35 USD
With frame
Signature on the front
size: 24x18 см
Materials: Oil, cardboard, brushes, mastihin
Kind: Painting
Style: Realism
Genre: Still-life
Tags: масляная живопись, натюрморт, васильки, синий, букет, подарок женщине
The work has a rectangular shape, measuring 24*18 cm. The obverse features the author's signature. The painting is wood-framed. It can be hung on a wall, put on a table or shelf. “Every moment is a fruit of forty millennia. The fleeting days, buzzing like flies, are spirited into nothingness, and every blink is a window open at all times.” Thomas Wolfe. “Look at the house your angel.” Blue-blue, the summer flower. Modest, gentle and short-lived. Vasilyuk, the symbol of his home country and summer. The flower is the color of the sky, the colors of the blue lakes and my eyes. I catch a moment and “unlock it at all times” — in my picture.

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