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Heart for sale

2225 USD
ArtCenter recommends
Without frame
size: 25x25x16 cm
Materials: Bronze, steel, stainless steel
Kind: Sculpture
Style: Surrealism
Genre: Interior
The sculpture is a skeleton of a man's hand hand made of steel. On the hand is a pomegranate fruit made of bronze. The garnet is made in the shape of a human anatomical heart. The pedestal is made of a single piece of stainless steel, 35 mm thick. The upper plane of the pedestal is polished and reflects the back of the brush. The subtext of the work is that any person who devotes himself to creativity has a living heart that “cracks at the seams” from the idea-grains that break it. But if the sole purpose of this man is selling his work, even with the most living heart, his hand will remain dead.

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